AutoTrak eXact Pro

The AutoTrak™ eXact Pro high-performance rotary steerable system (RSS) with logging while drilling (LWD) delivers smooth, precise, and fast drilling in your high build rate directional drilling applications while gathering critical LWD data.



Achieve accurate wellbore trajectory control in any formation trend with the AutoTrak eXact Pro RSS’s advanced wellpath trajectory control system. Combining azimuthal hold, inclination hold, new electronics, and firmware, the system automatically corrects the well’s trajectory to reduce tortuosity, torque, and drag. Your drilling operation builds out better curve sections and longer lateral sections, with fewer downlinks for more on-bottom time and increased overall rate of penetration (ROP).

Obtain accurate and comprehensive formation evaluation and reservoir data by integrating the AutoTrak eXact Pro RSS with the Baker Hughes suite of advanced LWD services. The full compatibility of these systems lets you precisely geosteer wells to target, maximize production, and minimize the risk and cost of development.

Ensure even greater directional control and well quality with the AutoTrak eXact Pro RSS’s continuous proportional steering functionality. The system uses three precision-controlled pads to maintain a continuous proportional steering vector to drill a smooth, in-gauge hole. The system measures azimuth and inclination every millisecond and automatically adjusts steer forces on a second-by-second basis for precise control, even at high ROPs.

Steering control is not affected by drilling dynamics, as the independent ribs are powered by internal hydraulic power on a decoupled, slow-rotating sleeve. This allows the precision-controlled pads to operate independently of bit pressure, flow rates, and drilling fluid properties–allowing you to optimize your bit and hydraulics program as formation conditions change.

And by combining the continuous proportional steering with the wellpath trajectory control system, you achieve versatility and reliability in all formation types—from soft to hard—allowing you to precisely kickoff from vertical and drill the vertical, curve, and lateral in a single run.


Features and Benefits

• Well-path trajectory control system

• Reduces well tortuosity and provides precise well placement

• Near-bit directional measurements

• Precise reservoir navigation and well placement

• MCM electronics

• Increase ruggedness and temperature resistance for increased reliability

• The 4¾-in. tool has WOB capability up to 35,000 lbs. (15 875 kg)

• Significantly increases ROP

• High-resolution vibration and stick slip (VSS) measurements

• Mitigates vibration and maximizes ROP and run length

• Continuous proportional steering

• Delivers superior hole quality, longer laterals, and faster ROP

• Compatible with Baker Hughes suite of advanced LWD services

• Real-time formation evaluation

• Advanced reservoir navigation

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