EvoOne Unified Telemetry

EvoOne Unified Telemetry

EvoOne® revolutionizes the landscape of oil and gas drilling with its next-generation Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) system. The patented Unified Telemetry® system combines Evolution’s proprietary mud-pulse and multi-channel electro-magnetic telemetry systems into a unified, efficient tool in a 14-foot package. Offering lightning-fast data transmission, superior decoding capabilities, and robust design, EvoOne® ensures unmatched efficiency and precision in drilling operations. With its reliability, ease of service, and cutting-edge technologies such as Unified Telemetry and patented centralization, EvoOne® not only simplifies complex drilling processes but sets a new standard in the industry.

Innovative Unified Telemetry

Unified Telemetry combines industry-leading EM and MP telemetry into a compact 14-foot system. It independently diagnoses and transmits real-time data, including shock, vibration, stick-slip, pressure, gamma, and over 90 other variables. This configurable system supports rotary systems and resistivity tech, eliminating the need for real-time adjustments that traditional MWD and Rotary Steerable (RSS) tools require. EvoOne's EM downlink system ensures uninterrupted drilling, saving valuable rig time. Experience seamless, uninterrupted operations with EvoOne's Unified Telemetry.


Superior Performance & Sensor Quality

EvoOne’s compact design boasts a robust, large-diameter probe, setting it apart from flimsy competitors. This allows for high-severity dog-legs, reduces drilling harmonics, and enhances device sensitivity with a larger gamma crystal. Under 14 feet long, including batteries, EvoOne is effortless to load, transport, and service, ensuring precision without compromise.


High Data Rate and Decoding

The combination of industry-leading EM & MP telemetries means EvoOne Unified Telemetry can deliver the increasing data requirements of today’s Operators and Rig Contractors. With data rates of 19.6 bps, high signal strength, and advanced algorithms capable of reliably decoding signals as low as 0.01 mV (10 times more sensitive than typical industry capabilities of 0.1-0.2mV), EvoOne provides superior data and decoding capabilities for today’s land-based drilling markets.


Unmatched Reliability

EvoOne conquers MWD reliability challenges through innovative engineering, advanced decoding, and critical redundancy. No internal wire harnesses streamline the design, reducing failure points. Its proprietary shock and vibration management system, featuring patented centralization technology, minimizes tool damage. These enhancements establish EvoOne as the top choice in the most demanding drilling conditions, even underbalanced applications with air hammers.


A New Standard in Service Excellence

Since its debut in 2014, EvoOne has been continuously refined by the Evolution team, offering unparalleled service quality that outshines competitors. Designed to minimize the Cost-of-Service Delivery ("COSD"), EvoOne ensures efficient manufacturing, servicing, remote deployment, and optimal asset utilization. Its versatile one-size-fits-all probe design enables effortless tool hot-swapping between different collar sizes without the need for reconfiguration, simplifying operations and enhancing overall efficiency.


Carrier Technology that Enhances Performance

EvoOne incorporates the latest Gap Sub technology, launched in 2020, as a standard feature. This serviceable design enables higher bending stress limits, perfect for modern high dog-leg and Rotary Steerable applications. Rigorously tested with no degradation after 4 million cycles, this technology ensures top-tier performance and durability. It's available either as a new complete Carrier System for superior EM performance or as a seamless drop-in replacement for Evolution's first-generation Gap Sub design. 


Advanced Centralization Technology

Previous generation MWD tools suffered from fragile, long probes prone to damage due to intense drilling harmonics. Traditional centralization with short rubber fins led to unreliable support and frequent failures, causing significant damage. Evolution's solution is the patented full-length support centralizer sleeve, providing robust and adaptable support throughout the tool. This innovation ensures exceptional durability, preventing impact damage and equipment destruction, making EvoOne the top choice for various downhole applications, including MWD systems, wireline solutions, and smart completions.

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