Dual Telemetry MWD System

The main goal is to provide redundancy to reduce NPT. The two MWD system piggy-back an EM system with a separate Mud Pulse system and in some cases effectively doubling the operating cost of the deployed system. In a dual telemetry system, MWD tools usually combine an early generation EM system with an early generation mud pulse system, which are operated and functioned by separate electronics. These systems often have reliability issues due merging two different MWD communications and systems from different vendors.


Unified Telemetry MWD System

EvoOneTM has been purposely designed from the ground up with EM and MP telemetries built together into one optimized MWD system – providing both redundancy and reliability with ability to diagnose status of each communication system to maximize functionality and predictability. The intelligent system can operate EM and MP simultaneously or independently and decides when, and what data, each telemetry transmits! EvoOneTM is the only MWD tool in the market with Unified TelemetryTM.


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