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EvoOne Unified Telemetry


EvoOne® is the next generation Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) system for onshore oil and gas drilling. The patented Unified Telemetry® system combines Evolution’s proprietary mud-pulse (MP) and multi-channel electro-magnetic (EM) telemetry systems unified into a single tool in under 14 feet in length. With an uptime of over 99% and data transmission rates of up to 20 bits per second, EvoOne is the fastest and most reliable MWD systems for land drilling applications.


Unified Telemetry

Unified Telemetry is the incorporation of industry-leading EM and MP telemetry into one unified system in a 14-foot package. Unlike dual or twin telemetry, Unified Telemetry independently utilizes each telemetry system to perform cross-telemetric diagnostics and sends these results to surface. Data transmission is fully configurable and can be simultaneous, independent, or combined on both channels. Data can include real-time shock, vibration, stick-slip, pressure, gamma, rotating inclination and azimuth, and over 90 other variables. Additionally, the system is built to support the integration of real-time rotary systems and resistivity technology.

MWD and Rotary Steerable (RSS) tools often require adjustments in real-time. Decisions must be made regarding steering commands, switching configurations, adjusting transmission and power settings, and enabling or disabling telemetry channels. RSS steering commands need to be performed regularly, and traditional downlinks take valuable drilling time to complete. The EvoOne EM downlink system eliminates these risks and saves valuable rig time by sending EM downlinks, which can be sent while drilling continues uninterrupted.


Performance & Sensor Quality

EvoOne’s short, robust, large-diameter probe design is unique and easily recognizable when compared to competitor’s long flimsy tool strings. This design allows for execution of higher severity dog-legs and mitigates unfavorable drilling harmonics. The larger diameter probe permits use of a larger gamma crystal, increasing device sensitivity, resulting in best-in-class gamma module performance. Under 14 feet in total length (including batteries), the tool is effortless to load, simple to transport, and is easily serviced in the field.


High Data Rate and Decoding

The combination of industry-leading EM & MP telemetries means EvoOne Unified Telemetry can deliver the increasing data requirements of today’s Operators and Rig Contractors. With data rates of 19.6 bps, high signal strength, and advanced algorithms capable of reliably decoding signals as low as 0.01 mV (10 times more sensitive than typical industry capabilities of 0.1-0.2mV), EvoOne provides superior data and decoding capabilities for today’s land-based drilling markets.



EvoOne addresses the majority of MWD reliability issues through unique engineering design, advanced decoding capabilities, and critical component redundancy. The design team has even eliminated the need for internal wire harnesses, reducing the number of parts, and removing a significant source of MWD failure. EvoOne also includes a propriety shock and vibration management system, which drastically reduces tool damage with patented full-length centralization technology. These and other improvements has made EvoOne the preferred MWD platform in harshest of drilling conditions, including underbalanced applications using air hammers.


Service Quality

Since its initial launch in 2014, the Evolution team has refined the system for service quality unmatched by our competitors. EvoOne was designed to minimize Cost of Service Delivery (“COSD”), ensuring efficient manufacturing, servicing, remote deployment, and maximum asset utilization. The one size fits all probe design allows easy tool hot-swapping between different collar sizes with no necessary reconfiguration.


Carrier designs.

Carrier Technology

Evolution utilizes a superior proprietary electrical Gap Sub technology that has proven to be a large differentiator in EM performance. Rolled out in 2020, this next generation Gap Sub technology is now available as a part of Evolutions standard offering.

The new Gap Sub technology is a serviceable design that allows for the higher bending stress limits needed for today’s high dog-leg applications. With higher fatigue limits, the new design is also able to run beneath mud motors in Rotary Steerable applications.

During the design phase, tools were extensively stress-tested (bend and roll) with no visible or measurable degradation after 4 million cycles. The new design is a perfect fit for today’s demanding Rotary Steerable applications.

This technology is available as a new complete Carrier System with redundant gaps for even higher EM performance or as a drop-in replacement of Evolution’s first-generation Gap Sub design.


Images of the Kestrel gap sub and Unified Collar.
Centralization Technology

Previous generation MWD tools are comprised of very long, thin probes that are prone to damage due to the severe drilling harmonics present downhole. The extreme shock and vibration imparted on the tool often results in catastrophic failure as the tool is not well supported within the drill collar.

Conventional centralization for MWD tools makes use of short, rubber fins that get spaced throughout the length of the tool, allowing lateral movement of the probe. These fins are typically cut to size on location to fit the available collar, with unreliable results. Common failure modes of previous generation MWD tools are directly related to these rubber fins due to the significant distance between adjacent centralization points and the variability of onsite fin sizing. These factors cause the tool to sag or flex and enter a harmonic excitation mode resulting in massive shock and vibration levels. In this mode, electrical connections and mechanical joints fatigue and delicate electronic and sensor components rapidly degrade. If the flexing is too much, the tool may even begin to impact the collar, culminating in catastrophically amplified, equipment destroying, shock and vibration.

Evolution has solved these issues with the patented full-length support centralizer sleeve. The Evolution design is robust and adaptable, allowing application anywhere downhole equipment needs shock and vibration protection. Evolution offers this technology for use anywhere downhole, including in other MWD systems, wireline solutions, and smart completions.


Centralization Technology


Image showing the centralizer and carrier sub.